Thursday, April 21, 2016

I Love My Life!

I am such a blessed Child of God. I have to yell that from a Mountain Top!!

The most memorable and happiest times of my Life comes from the births of my children and marrying my Husband! But Oh My, the road traveled to get here, was not easy and straight. believe me it took a lot of bumpy roads, stumbling in potholes, tripping over cracks, taking the wrong path completely, just to get to this smooth road were on today. And even though we're completely happy with each other, every now and again theres still some bumps and cracks, and sometimes boudlers that get in the way.

Over the years I've had lots of people come up to my Husband and I to tell us how they admire our family unit and our Union. Whoa. What? Really? I really didn't know how many people were watching us, up close and from distance.

I'm not the one to be nosey, and in other peoples business but if they ask for advice I'd gladly give from what I know. And if you want to know what really going on, I don't mind sharing. My Husband, LOVES to give advice, lol. He has great pride and Loves to show the world what we have together!

So I'm writing this blog so that we can hopefully continue to inspire those that want this kind of happiness for themselves.
That it's too good I don't deserve it kinda love,
That OOO I'm calling in sick to work kinda love,
That sweaty funkey dope I don't care kinda love,
That oh slow down I'm about to bust kinda love,
That don't stop girl get it get it kinda love,
That back it up break it off Headboards knockin' kinda love...

-Gerald Levert

I'm going to put my rants on here about this married life, Mommy Life, and Just being a Black Woman in this Life! The ups and downs, the turnt up and boring, the sacrifices and the rewards. I know we make it look easy but Just know nothing comes easy, not even LOVE. theres a lot of work to do, and it starts with YOU!

And with all the crazy that life comes with, we're going to have a funky good time going thru it!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hello and WELCOME!!!!!!

OMG OMG!! Hello and WELCOME to my Sadity Thoughts Blog!! I cant believe I'm doing this again but the truth is I've never stopped having things to say, lol! I started a blog a while ago, but it went absolutely nowhere! Actually,  I just didn't put in he work that it took to actually post things (sad huh) sometimes it feel a bit tedious, but what the heck, I gotta get it out somehow! Soooo.....

HI my name's Shantel, my friends in multiple circles call me MsSadity, and I LOVE My Life! But it has come to my attention that others LOVE My Life too! Say what? Yes, OTHERS LOVE MY LIFE TOO!! I know that sounds conceited but swear it's not coming from me. People actually tell me they love my life... from what they see.

Righhhhhht. Truth is my life can be a mess just like everybody elses, just a different kind of mess. What I've learned over the years is that, Life is WHAT YOU MAKE IT!    Right?     Right!!    When situations come your way, how do you take it? How do you deal with things? And People? My life isn't chaotic even tho it can have chaotic moments. It isn't complicated, even tho it can be complicated at some times. But I'm optimistic and I can easily find the Good out of the Bad. I don't like making the same mistake twice, and I'm too old for any more trial and error, or starting over. I've been thru enough in my life, that someone could definitely come up on my insight. So I share, but I also feel that if people share more of their knowledge, than others can learn at a faster rate. Sooooo....

I'm here to share with you my phenomenal opinion and experiences, on LIFE from my eyes as a Wife, a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister, a Cousin, a Best Friend, a Young Girl growing up in Southern Cali, a Black Woman in America, A Business Woman, A Model, Cosmetologist... There's so many aspects to the person that I am. There's so much variety that my life includes, I see things from a number of  different angles, which makes me, in my opinion, very grounded, and, what I call most older folks that's really lived life, "Seasoned". Depending on the topic, I'm mostly playful, but certain topics really get under my skin and you'll definitely know when, cuz then i start cursing and using e-bonics and exclamations. I try to keep it Sadity, but I was raised in a number of hoods, and sometimes it shows, lol!

Well that's my intro y'all, lol            OK go follow me....

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